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Putting weight on thin alpacas.

Some alpacas are able to keep their weight at good levels on a diet of fresh grass and grass hay. Older alpacas and females with crias are more incline to get skinny on the same diet. In times of no grass and with winter approaching, it is important to put a bit of weight on thin alpacas.

First step is to separate the alpacas that need to be fed up. There is no need to waste good feed on alpacas that don't necessarily need it.

There are quite a few options for feeding up alpacas, it's lucky that they're not too fussy.

Lucerne hay or chaff is a hay that alpacas love. It is quite easy to get and costs between $5 to $15 a small bale although quality can vary. Lucerne chaff can also be bought at stock feed stores at around $20 for a 25 kilo bag.

Oat hay is another option. Alpacas will readily eat oat hay but they do tend to get sick of it quite quickly. Oat chaff can also be bought at any good stock feed store at around $20 for a 25 kilo bag.

Clover hay can be difficult to purchase but alpacas love it. It can be quite expensive to buy but is well worth the extra cost. Quality can vary. Expect to pay between $8 to $25 for small bales.

TSF Easy Feed 12 are pellets that can be fed to cows, sheep and alpacas. We buy it in 1 tonne bulk bags but it can be bought from stock feed stores in smaller 20 - 35kg bags. We mix a scoop of TSF with a half/half mix of lucerne and oat chaff. (TSF Easy Feed 12 may be called something different).

Chaff mix to order, some stock feed stores can make up chaff mixes to order with any type of chaff or grain mix. We get a special mix made up and the alpacas love it. Expect to pay between $18 to $30 for a 30kg bag.

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