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Vitamin D

With winter fast approaching and the days getting shorter it is time to get on to the vitamin D injections. After speaking to our vet on increasing the dosage, we were told under no circumstance should we give any more than the 0.05ml to a cria and no more than 0.1ml to an adult using 'Kattle Care Vitamec D3' brand of product. The Vitamec D3 has a high IU of 1,000,000 IU (the strength of the formulation). We use diabetic syringe that measure small doses.

Dosages suitable for AD3E injectable solution that have a IU of 50,000 to 75,000 IU are 0.5ml for crias and 1 to 1.5ml for large alpacas (Garner-Paulin, 2005).

Overdosing alpacas on vitamin D can effect the kidneys by causing calcification in the kidneys.

There is an excellent article on vitamin D in the Summer 2005 edition of Alpacas Australia magazine (Issue 48, page 14).

Hypophosphatemic Rickets and Osteomalacia in Alpacas. Elizabeth Garner-Paulin. Alpacas Australia, Issue 48, Summer 2005.

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