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Alpacas Need Head-Space!

In the past we have used small 'single-serve' bowls to feed out the afternoon chaff. The older, greedy females would spit at any intruder who comes close to their bowl. They did not want to share. If there were not enough bowls, some of the younger, timid alpacas would completely miss out on the food. This forced us to put a bowl for each alpaca in the paddock.

We have now resorted to large bowls which interestingly, they don't mind sharing the food with others. We have put this down to "Alpacas need head-space".

You can buy used plastic chemical drums which make ideal alpaca bowls. They need to be cut in half, drainage holes drill in the bottom, and screwed to some pieces of timber to weight it down a bit and to keep the drainage holes off the ground. Make sure you thoroughly wash the drum before use.

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