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Rye grass staggers

We have had some rain and warm weather which is a recipe for rye grass staggers. Rye grass can affect the nervous system of grazing animals, primarily cattle and alpacas. It does not affect all alpacas but the ones that it does affect will cause them to shake and act a bit silly. If the affected alpacas continually have the staggers and are not separated from rye grass they can be affected permanently.

The easiest way to determine if rye grass staggers is present is to make your alpacas stand still. If their head is shaking, they may have the staggers. If the staggers are present, remove the affected alpacas from the pasture immediately and feed them grass hay or other feed in a paddock or yard that has no pasture. This will usually stop the staggers within a few days but don't be tempted to put them back into the pasture, wait a few weeks until the danger period has passed.

If anyone would like more information on rye grass staggers, let us know and we will send more detailed information.

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