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Suri Females
Name Covering Sire Colour Age
Price* Select
Jindy Barbra SW 11.0 2,200
Jindy Marietta SW 17.4 POA
Jolimont Augustine SW 14.2 POA
Kurrawa Making Music K.A.Silknsuri Simply Wicked SW 7.4 6,600
Kurrawa Aphrodite SW 12.7 POA
Kurrawa Artistry Kurrawa Ready Aim Fire SW 9.0 5,500
Kurrawa Ava ET & female (man About Town) cria at foot Kurrawa Man About Town SW 13.0 POA
Kurrawa By design SW 10.8 POA
Kurrawa Gypsy SLF 11.7 POA
Kurrawa Hermoine SW 12.1 POA
Kurrawa Jayde SLF 9.9 POA
Kurrawa Krystal Kurrawa Man About Town SW 7.3 POA
Kurrawa Moonshadow SW 12.7 POA
Kurrawa Moonshine SW 8.2 3,300
Kurrawa Mystic Spell SW 9.0 POA
Kurrawa Night Breeze ET Kurrawa Tariq ET SW 12.5 POA
Kurrawa Pearle Didohama Cactus Kid SLF 7.3 POA
Kurrawa Secret Wish Kurrawa Shavari SW 9.0 9,900
Kurrawa Shylah ET SLF 12.6 3,300
Kurrawa Silkari ET Kurrawa Tariq ET SW 12.4 POA
Kurrawa Sonatina Kurrawa Jax ET SW 9.1 POA
Kurrawa Symphony kurrawa Shavari SW 8.3 POA
Kurrawa Temptation ET SW 12.7 POA
Kurrawa Tiffany SW 12.9 POA
Kurrawa Timara ET & light fawn female at foot. Didohama cactus Kid W 11.9 POA
Kurrawa Trista & Female cria Kurrawa Snapshot SW 17.6 POA
Kurrawa Veronika SW 8.1 POA
Suri packages inquiries welcome SW 10.3 POA


Huacaya Females
Name Covering Sire Colour Age
Price* Select
Hill Farrance Eartha Kit Kurrawa Bronson SBLK 19.3 POA
Kurrawa Batini Kurrawa Bronson SW 16.2 POA
Kurrawa Davina Premier Kiwi Legend SW 8.5 3,300
Kurrawa Dixie Chick Premier Kiwi Legend SW 7.2 POA
Kurrawa Gwenita Kurrawa Bronson SBLK 17.1 POA
Kurrawa Kiss N Tell Premier Kiwi Legend SW 7.2 POA
Kurrawa Legends Lollipop SW 6.2 POA
Kurrawa Legends Suzie Q SLF 6.1 POA
Kurrawa Morena Kurrawa Bronson SW 18.9 POA
Kurrawa Nutmeg Kurrawa Tiberias SMBR 8.5 POA

*Prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

Packages can be assembled to meet client's needs: please contact us with your requirements.